Authors FAQ

When it comes to the world of being a self published author, what we find works well is off a series starter cheap or free and then ride the wave of read through. Many of us are paying for clicks on facebook and the best way to think of this is $10 for 12 month. On facebook i need .34 cents a click, so i need. To get 30 sales in the year, or 2.5 a month.


Genre: We focus on fantasy and sci-fi, but can add other catagories if you email and request them. Please use "keywords" in your lsting so people can search them. things like : vampires, pirates, work well.

Author Profiles: Free and Permenant.


You can list your Book for free for a year. We like either prema-free or .99 cents

Fees and Services:

 Listing: $10 for 360 days

  • Listing in your featured sub category, with images and links. Free author profile.

Premium listing $15 for 30 days.

  •  Feature listing on front page
  •  Top of search results in your Genre,
  •  Part of our weekly news to suscribers,
  •  Social media blast on our twitter 25k people 


  Criteria for listing:

  • 4-5 stars on either Amazon, Goodreads or another site. Good reads 3.5 is ok.
  • Professional cover
  • Professionally edited
  • Full length novels only.
  • Perma-free or .99 cents ongoing.


This works best for ongoing series with a low cost or free series starter. If you know what the term "loss leader" means then this is for you.